Total Wellbeing Yoga

How many different aspects of yoga do you know?

- Like a tree, there are different branches to the ancient science and philosophy of yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Best known is hatha yoga. Increases muscular strength and improve flexibility by practicing asanas (postures) . From a traditional point Hatha Yoga improves health. It prepares the body to become comfortable and sit still.


There are different pranayamas, each having a specific effect, ranging from energizing, balancing, heating, cooling or calming. It balances the autonomic nervous system, allowing your mind to become calm, yet alert.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra allows a deep relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level., It is restful and refreshing, after a long, stressful day. 30min. of Yoga Nidra equals 2 hours of normal sleep. Creating a deep relaxation, while you remain alert, which is the ideal state for learning.


There are various meditation practices, each with a particular focus and benefit. It is an opportunity for the mind to become one pointed and focused. It internalises your awareness to discover the internal recourses. Meditation will enhance your ability to reflect and analyse.

Nada Yoga

Experience and use sounds to create a particular effect. By listening to rock or classical music, each sound and type of music creates a particular influence on your mind and emotions. Experience the balancing and uplifting potential of sound and music.

A typical class

Come along and experience the benefits of the different practices. A typical class begins and ends by sitting still and becoming present. This is followed by asanas and pranayamas, yoga nidra and in some classes a meditation.
- Drop-ins welcome
Monday 10:30am - 12:00pm
Thursday 5.30pm - 7:00pm
Friday 10.15am - 11.45am



Each workshop has a specific theme or focus. It provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the various practices and understand the underlying principles and philosophy.

Upcoming workshops

Personalised teaching

A personalized program and guidance , composed to meet your needs. You have the choice to have the teaching recorded. Practice in the comfort of your home at a time suitable to you.

Learn Yoga On-Line

What to learn or improve your Yoga and cannot get to classes?
Bite size learning to help you start and improve.