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About Thomas Spring

About me

I grew up in Switzerland.
I first experienced the Feldenkrais method during a Karate summer camp. My teacher encouraged me to deepen my knowledge in various training methods. The instructor training conducted by the Swiss Karate Federation provide that opportunity (platform).

I worked as a joiner and after further study, qualified in project management.
Soon after this, I visited my brother Andy in New Zealand.
My appreciation of the Kiwi lifestyle led to the decision to stay.

My long held fascination in learning and movement was the motivation to train in various fields of complementary health.

Life in Nelson

While working part-time as a cabinet maker, I trained in deep tissue massage, holistic pulsing (a gentle rocking of the body which allows deep relaxation). The Feldenkrais technique, Yoga and Biofeedback.

I continue to be amazed by the human potential to change and grow.
Through the Feldenkrais method I learnt how to move with ease, power and confidence. It enabled my me to discover new choices, new ways of being .

Along with that I have come to appreciate the ancient yogic philosophy with It’s practical application in daily life.
It helps me to stay grounded and balance while dealing with busy and at times stressful and challenging events that life presents.

I teach weekly classes, both in Feldenkrais and Yoga and have a private practice.
I work part-time looking after an autistic man.

Over the last years I established a website. It contains movement lessons, relaxation and meditation practices.
My aim is to make the various resources available for a wider audience.

I enjoy catching up with good friends, go to the movies or read a book in the peaceful surrounding of my home.

Other qualifications

  • CFP I am a certified Feldenkrais teacher and member of the    NZ Feldenkrais guild
  • Diploma in Satyananda Yoga ( 2600 hours)
  • Diploma in Holistic Pulsing
  • Certificate in Adults teaching
  • Professional Biofeedback Certificate
  • Level 2 Karate Instructor of the Swiss Karate Federation

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