Yoga Classes

Experience a traditional style of Yoga
Feel energised and refreshed

Have you found the recent weeks challenging, stressful or uncomfortable? Yoga can help you to find balance again by learning how to improve your strength and flexibility, release tension and experience deep relaxation.
Whether you are a beginner, have dabbed in Yoga or are an experienced practitioner, these classes are suitable for you.   

A typical class consists of 

Short relaxation 

Arrive and settle into the present moment. By becoming aware of the needs of your body, establish an intention for the class.


Asana – Hatha Yoga – Postures 

Create ease and comfort within the physical body. Have a flexible mental attitude and practice within your range of comfort. Experience a sense of vitality, calmness and being in your centre.

Pranayama – Breathing

The various pranayamas are an effective tool in stress management . Some practices give you an extra boost of energy. Others have more a calming, balancing effect. Experience how your mind can become calm and alert.

Yoga Nidra – Invented by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Yoga Nidra allows a deep relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level. It is an effective tool in stress management, enhancing performance, and recovery after trauma. It trains your mind to internalise and prepares for meditation. It enhances learning and memory.

Short Meditation – Mindfulness

Learn to become the observer and gain an insight into the underlying motives and values of your actions by accessing the deeper levels of the mind. Tap into the power of your mind. 

      Classes in Nelson 

            Monday            10:30am – 12pm

            Friday                8:45 – 10:15am  

           Yoga Jai, 105 Rutherford street

          Class in Brightwater  

                     Wednesday      5:15 – 6:45pm 

                    Starting again 11th  August 

Prices for 90min class

Casual:               $ 18 

5 class pass:     $ 80    – save $10   (valid for 2month)

10 class pass:   $ 150  – save $30.  (valid for 4month)

Secure your place  and experience the benefits of joining a weekly classes. Classes are held in Nelson and online.

Deepen your practice through a personalised program. Class can be recorded as podcast. 

Are you interested in deepening your practice? Do you have any special needs and would like to practice accordinly?