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I am fasciated by the human potential for change, learning and growth

Thomas Spring

CFP.Dip. Sat.Yoga, H

I grew up in Switzerland. For a decade Karate was my passion, both training as well as teaching In our club the sensei (teacher) had a nice blend of traditional values and incorporating modern training methods. Using the principles of neuroplasiiicity to enhance performance. 

I worked as a joiner and after further study, qualified in project management. In 1994 I moved to Nelson. My long held fascination in learning and movement was the motivation to in various fields.

Through the Feldenkrais method I learnt how to move with ease, power and confidence. It enabled me to discover new choices, new ways of being.

In 2001 I had to fortune to train at the Bihar School of Yoga, the first Yoga University in the world. I have come to appreciate the ancient yogic philosophy with it’s scientific, practical application in daily life. It helps me to stay grounded and balanced while dealing with busy, at times stressful and challenging events that life presents.

I continue to learn by attending with the intention to offer the best possible service to my clients.

I have been teaching courses and workshops within New Zealand, Australia, USA, Germany and Switzerland.


  • CFP I am a Feldenkrais teacher and member of the NZ Feldenkrais Guild 
  • Diploma in Satyananda Yoga (2600hours)
  • Diploma in Holistic Pulsing
  • Certificate in Adults teaching
  • Professional Biofeedback Certificate
  • Level 2 Karate Instructor of the Swiss Karate Federation
  • Toastmaster International Gold 

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